maandag 1 oktober 2012

guided tours by Battista and Burki

Saturday September 29, guided tour by Emiliano Battista

Saturday September 29, guided tour by Emiliano Battista

Emiliano Battista was our first invited guide through the exhibition LOCUS SOLUS DOMESTICUS. During the tour it is going to be a conversation about the works in the exhibition, so we talked about volumes and if it is possible that volumes are empty. A volume has to contain, vacuum doesn't contain and therefore is empty. Emiliano compared the disks of Christoph Fink with the shield of Achilles, that is a beautiful and rich confrontation. Thanks Emiliano for the improvised contribution to the exhibition LOCUS SOLUS DOMESTICUS.

Saturday September 29, guided tour by Marie José Burki

At 17:00 h. Marie José Burki guided a second group of visitors through the exhibition. She talked about Jan Swartenbroekx painted marbles as facsimiles of marble. In Bernard Voita's photo of a grid Marie José pointed at the glass of red wine, it could only be there on that place to function in the composition. She was amazed and amused that a work of Rémy Zaugg was in the same exhibition with a work of Bruno Gironcoli. A professional exhibition maker never should (or could) bring these works together. The conversation continued about how the exhibition LOCUS SOLUS DOMESTICUS was made, and that four artists as curator can bring together works in an universe with a strong logical connection. Thanks a lot Marie José for your contribution, and the evaluation on the expectations about the guides. A Guided Tour is in fact a conversation with the visitors and the curators about the works, the relations and the differences.
Next Guided Tour on Saturday October 13. The guides will soon be announced on this blog.

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