zaterdag 14 september 2013

'MAISON DE TOLERANCE' , at the Institut de Carton

Jan Andriesse

'MAISON DE TOLERANCE' , at the Institut de Carton

OPENING Saturday September 28 2013 15:00 - 19:25 h.
18:30 h.
official opening by Albert Baronian

exhibition September 28 - December 21 2013

mainly open by appointment: henri-jacobs(at) or 
+ 32 (0)485 565 238
Adress: Avenue de Jette 41 - Jetselaan 41, 1081 Koekelberg / Brussels
Metro Simonis, 10 minutes walk. 

during the exhibition guests will be invited to enlighten themes in the work of Jan Andriesse

first guest Gerrit Willems (dutch light) Saturday October 19 2013
for further announcements please consult this blog

a comprehensive publication (D.O.S.S.I.E.R # 5), in a limited edition of 30 and at a price of 80 euro, will document the works in the exhibition

invitation text by Jan Andriesse

Fluke, Chance and Circumstance too, cordially invite you to the opening of 'MAISON DE TOLERANCE' , at the Institut de Carton, on September 28, between 17:25 and 19:25, ano 2 0 1 3

Pictures will be on view, including the twelve water studies by Ma Yuan, an eleven minutes - time based - film on Torrentius, a diamond painting by Mondrian painted 80 years ago, along with other works. Also, when whilst here, for those who favour a shadow play in mitigated light, a camera obscura has been recreated, in situ

The Angels' Share may be recalled at the bar, stocked with fine single malt whiskies, along with other beverages. Delicious appetizers and snacks will also be served

In the garden, in the fresh outside air, smoking is permitted

Every poet and painter, every fur trader and/or commodity trader, along with every hedgefund manager and hedgehog, all are welcome

When the sun sets at 7:25 p.m. this warm house for wandering souls, will close

M         I         S         S         I         S         S         I         P         P         I

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