maandag 9 mei 2022

Eran Schaerf 'Levantine Line Library' PROGRAM & Opening Hours

Open on Saturdays 14 and 21 May

15 - 18 h.

and by appointment: henri-jacobs(at)skynet(dot)be


Saturday 28 May 17:00 h. Finissage:

Only Six Can Play This Game

A Film by Eva Meyer and Eran Schaerf

2022, 43 minutes, English

It depends on who you are if an entrance is closed or open to you. If you enact your coincidence as an incidence you may outmanoeuvre this mechanism. This shows in the cast of a card game, in its ritualistic inclusion or exclusion of cards in order to complete a given number to a group or not. This shows also in the game with Kafkas „Fellowship“, which counts five people and does not know how to exclude a rejected sixt person which keeps coming back. Is he the first coincidence of each person’s biography, his being born anywhere? Is he talking with an accent that can foil an access since biblical times? Can assimilation through language, clothes, gestures help? These are the questions of a guest in a New York apartment house, whose doorman is not accepting his „how are you“ as a mere password. The coincidence of their encounter transforms the entrance into a rehearsal room for stories that migrate through persons, places, times, and remix their affiliations.


Script, camera, editing Eva Meyer and Eran Schaerf 

Card game Suchan Kinoshita and Eva Meyer 

Voice Eran Schaerf

Piano Suchan Kinoshita 

Sound design Johan Vandermaelen 

Production zählen und erzählen 2022

A.VE.NU.DE.JET.TE - Institut de Carton vzw
Jetselaan 41 - Avenue de Jette 41
1081 Koekelberg / Brussels
10 min. walk Metro Elisabeth / Simonis

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