maandag 23 april 2012

Ulrike Lindmayr in conversation with WO

Yesterday, Sunday April 22, Ulrike Lindmayr had a nice conversation with Willem Oorebeek in the exhibition Les Secrets De La Mémoire. It wasn't that crowded as the conversation with Koenraad Dedobbeleer but nevertheless the conversation was going into the depth. Ulrike and Willem talked about black-out as a phenomenon to attract more attention instead of wiping out or making invisible. And Ulrike evoked her acquaintance and slow appreciation of Willem's work which is dealing with printed matter, copies, editions, signature, the color black, dots and the grid. 
In dialogue with the public the conversation developed into the subject of the image, how images work, what images mean or what they do, what an image is. An interesting and difficult problematic, and the conversation finished with the remark of someone from the audience: "there is no solution so there is no problem".
Thanks a lot Ulrike Lindmayr to unlock the work of Willem Oorebeek to us with your beautiful personal view.
Herewith two photos to give an impression of the conversation.

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