zondag 23 september 2012

LOCSOLDOM opening impressions

Plan of the exhibition, alongside the plans of Loccus Solus, Chinati & Little Sparta

Yesterday, September 22, we guided a lot of interested people through the exhibition LOCUS SOLUS DOMESTICUS. We weren't sure if the principle of visiting through guided tours only would work. But now, the day after, it turned out to have been a particular experience; questions and discussions about the works, the who's, why's and when's, it all offered the visitors insight in the many art works in the exhibition. The photos below give an impression of the openingsday that attracted a lot of visitors.

guided tour by Willem Oorebeek

guided tour by Willem Oorebeek

guided tour by Paul van der Eerden

guided tour by Mitja Tusek

guided tour by Henri Jacobs

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