zaterdag 29 december 2012

final day Locus Solus Domesticus on Saturday December 22 2012

Raymond Barion talking about his painting "Projector"

Johan van Oord talking about his painting "123.10"

Xavier De Clippeleir talking about his sculpture "12 vlak"  

Impression of the final day with guided tours through the exhibition
Marie José Burki, a dog in my mind (things) in colour negative

zondag 16 december 2012


We warmly offer you a final opportunity to visit the LOCUS SOLUS DOMESTICUS exhibition.
Participating artists will be your guides through the show on Saturday, December 22nd from 17:00 till 19:00.
Don’t miss it!

 Avenue de Jette 41 / Jetselaan 41, 1081 Koekelberg, Brussels
 (7 minutes walk from Metro Simonis)

Raymond Roussel

guided tours by Piet de Jonge and Sabine van Sprang

Guide Piet de Jonge on Locus Solus and Little Sparta

Guide Piet de Jonge on Charly van Rest

The Locus Solus Domesticus exhibition has been open for 12 weeks now. We have had 17 guides who did a personal tour through the exhibition, like Martial Canterel in the novel Locus Solus. Last Saturday, December 15, Piet de Jonge and Sabine van Sprang were our excellent guides. During the tour, Piet de Jonge tried not to mention the names of the artists, which is quite difficult as the name of the artist is a label and the work of art can’t exist without its creator’s name. But Piet succeeded quite a while in allowing the art works exist in anonymity. The works change, the veil of the name is gone, a layer less to peel of. The erased black and white drawings on magazine images reminded Piet de Jonge of the surrealist magazine Minotaure. Photography can focus on objects that don’t seem to be real, but exist in another world that is surreal. The erasing on magazine images have the same atmosphere of strange, prehistoric stones or fossils like they were often reproduced in Minotaure. The three cobblestones are very precisely reproduced, just like Marcel D. had done when he made the facsimiles of his entire oeuvre in “boite en valise”. It is not really the work of an artist, but rather the work of a very precise handcrafts man. Comparable to the three painted marbles at the beginning of the exhibition.
Sabine van Sprang, specialist in 16th and 17th century Northern European painting, set out with a clear viewpoint. At first glance she perceived the exhibition as a “cabinet d’amateur” or “Wunderkammer”. In Renaissance Europe such a “cabinet of curiosities” was an encyclopaedic collection of types of objects whose categorical boundaries still had to be defined and could belong to natural history, geology, ethnography, archaeology, religious or historical relics, works of art and antiques. It is a representation of the world and the universe that fits into an exhibition space. Sabine started with the anamorphosis photo of Bernard Voïta, the painted marbles of Jan Swartenbroekx and the painted circles composition of Johan van Oord. Three works which represent the entire exhibition. Anamorphosis, perspective, illusion, perception are keywords, art and nature playing, meeting, wondering. In the Locus Solus Domesticus “Wunderkammer” the earth is flat, like the discs of Christoph Fink. The black disc, representing all the facts and events in the artist’s life that haven’t been written down, was the most perfect work in the exhibition, the best to end the guided tour with. But you can’t end with perfectionism, so Sabine asked the visitors to descend the stairs and go to the basement to see the most immaterial work in the exhibition: Joëlle Tuerlinckx’ simple geometric Volume lighted by three spots.

Guide Sabine van Sprang in conversation with Willem Oorebeek

Guide Sabine van Sprang on a diptych of Mitja Tusek

maandag 10 december 2012

Guided Tours # 9, Piet de Jonge and Sabine van Sprang

Saturday December 15 2012, Guided Tours LOCUS SOLUS DOMESTICUS exhibition:

16h00 guided tour by Piet de Jonge (former curator Museum Boijmans van Beuningen Rotterdam, currently chief editor “what’s up” magazine, curator RAW expo, Rotterdam)

17h30 guided tour by Sabine van Sprang (curator at Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Brussels)

Avenue de Jette 41 / Jetselaan 41, 1081 Koekelberg, Brussels
 (7 minutes walk from Metro Simonis)

Rémy Zaugg, constitution d'un tableau no 20, 1990

guided tours by Lars Kwakkenbos and Vincent Meessen

Lars Kwakkenbos, Time & Space guided tour

Lars Kwakkenbos, Time & Space guided tour

Last Saturday, December 8 2012, Lars Kwakkenbos started his guided tour on the top floor. On November 24 he followed the Guided Tour from Robin Vanbesien and was inspired by Robin's use of the image of Angelus Novus. Walter Benjamin wrote about the drawing of Paul Klee of the angel who is blown into the future, with his back forward, and the face gazing into the past. Looking over history and its graveyards, battlefields, ruins and ashes. In the Locus Solus Domesticus exhibition time and space can be unwind by spiralling down the stairs. As an Angelus Novus you meet the debris of artworks made in the past. The future is the hole in the centre of Christoph Fink's discs. 
The first floor room was experienced by Lars as a blurry room, with blurry works of art, blurry but very precisely made. It is related to the aspect of coincidence, many artworks are created with some coincidence in the procedure of making. It is a paradox that the coincidence in the making process is very precise and kept well in hand. Lars finished his tour with the "Six Memos for the New Millennium" from Italo Calvino. Exactitude, multiplicity and consistency are three chapters from Calvino's Six Memo's which are very clear presented in the Locus Solus Domesticus exhibition.
Vincent Meessen started his tour with an enthusiastic talk about Raymond Roussel. The life and death of Roussel is a story full of riddles, suspicions, rebuses, myths and smoke curtains. Vincent pointed to several beautiful coincidences in the exhibition and Roussel's life and work. Raymond Barion has the same first name as Raymond Roussel, Raymond Barion is showing a projector in the exhibition, Ray means "light", strange chance. 
In the novel Locus Solus is a story were little insects with metal threads on there feet are making music, hidden in some Tarot cards. Charly van Rest works also with small insects which are doing the drawing for him on ionised bombarded paper. 
Vincent Meessen's key-work in the exhibition is Jean-Luc Moulène's photograph
"Commode coulemelles". White spores of mushrooms on a black tablet of marble delivers many inspiring investigations about what we see and the possible interpretations. Procreating by mushroom spores comes directly from the pre-historic time, spores are between the vegetal and the animal, it are cryptogamous "things", plants that haven't true flowers or seeds. Cryptogam and cryptogram is one letter of difference, the favourite character of Raymond Roussel, the "r". 
Vincent went on and on, many side paths and associatively made connections between the life and work of Roussel and works in the exhibition were made by him. The alchemist Comte Henri De Ruolz, Robert Houdin "comment on devient sorcier", Georges Méliès the illusionist and inventor of special effects in film making. From the black marble in Jean-Luc Moulène's photo to Jan Swartenbroekx with the painted marbles and three cobblestones of Koenraad Dedobbeleer Vincent made a beautiful resume of Locus Solus Domesticus. The exhibition isn't an illustration but is an experience inspired by Raymond Roussel. 
Many thanks to Lars and Vincent for their very inspiring tours. 

Vincent Meessen, le mirage du noir dans la chaîne de blanc.

Vincent Meessen, le mirage du noir dans la chaîne du plan.

maandag 3 december 2012

Guided Tours #8, Lars Kwakkenbos and Vincent Meessen

Saturday December 8 2012, Guided Tours LOCUS SOLUS DOMESTICUS exhibition:
16h00 guided tour by Lars Kwakkenbos (1975 - Viersen (Germany), art historian, lives and works in Brussels)
17h30 guided tour by Vincent Meessen (1971 , Baltimore (USA), artist, lives and works in Brussels)
Avenue de Jette 41 / Jetselaan 41, 1081 Koekelberg, Brussels
 (10 minutes walk from Metro Simonis)
Chatlotte Moth, study for a 16 mm film, 2011

a lecture as guided tour by Chris Dercon

introduction by Willem Oorebeek

Sunday December 2, half an hour before his guided tour started, Chris Dercon looked at the Locus Solus Domesticus exhibition. There are plenty of “bollekes”, dots, knots, “petits boutons” in the exhibition, he noted, and those dots, knots are looking back at us, the viewers.
Because of the great number of visitors Chris decided not to walk through the exhibition, but to give a lecture which started with a brief introduction of Raymond Roussel. Roussel is “en vogue”, it seems Roussel is always more or less “en vogue”, inspiring artists, writers, curators. Dali, having a retrospective exhibition in Centre Pompidou until March 2013, was influenced by Roussel, the Neue Züricher Zeitung published a long article about Roussel in the last Saturday newspaper.
After the introduction Chris sped up and posed questions: “Is it possible to make art and continue making art in a post critical era?” “Art that doesn’t allow any contamination of reality is an indifferent art”. “We think that we know everything about art by travelling around the world to see all exhibitions, that is bullocks!” Impressions d’Afrique, Paul Bowles, Serendipity, Knots, Dots, Bollekes, Petits Boutons, Michel Leiris, Alfred Jarry, Jean-Luc Moulène’s mushrooms staring at us, plenty of associations.
Roussel’s Locus Solus is just a framework for the exhibition, like Dogma is for Lars von Trier. You need rules, work with a set of rules, a set of parameters which are binding you. Locus Solus Domesticus has been made with a set of rules for restriction, and that finally creates more freedom. The dots, knots, bollekes and petits boutons return regularly, as a mantra, and Chris made the quote that it made him aware of “seeing oneself seen”. Art is contingent these days, also the makers, of all art forms, like dancers; Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s dancers are going to sing, the musicians are going to dance. It is a set of possibilities, perhaps again disobedience is going to fresh it up, or an exodus is going to take place.
It was a very rich lecture Chris Dercon gave, and a great honour to have him in Institut de Carton. Thanks a lot Chris, also for the aftertalk about textiles.

Chris Dercon on dots, knot's, bollekes, petits boutons and seeing oneself seen

guided tour audience on Sunday December 2 2012


dinsdag 27 november 2012

Chris Dercon - Guided Tour #7 Locus Solus Domesticus

Chris Dercon, Director of Tate Modern London, 
will do a guided tour in the LOCUS SOLUS DOMESTICUS exhibition on Sunday December 2 2012 at 15h30

The nature of the exhibition space and the vulnerability of the works only allow for a limited number of visitors. 
So if you like to join the guided tour, please subscribe by sending an e-mail to: First come, first served.


Avenue de Jette 41 / Jetselaan 41, 1081 Koekelberg, Brussels
 (10 minutes walk from Metro Simonis)

Britta Huttenlocher, Sans Titre, 1989, collage

guided tours by Jana Euler and Robin Vanbesien

Jana Euler turning the polyhedron from Xavier De Clippeleir

Last Saturday, November 24, Jana Euler awoke the exhibition to life, like every guide is doing over new in a surprising and personal way. She reflected on the surfaces of the works which can be so very closed, hermetically closed - and as a guide you try to open it and give it some sort of life. The tour - guide influences the audience she is guiding in looking, talking and interpreting the works, in the same time the guide is also very influenced by the tour itself. The installation and following up of the works.
Robin Vanbesien made his personal choice, and guided us by starting upstairs on the second floor and "unwinding" the exhibition by descending the stairs. The six discs of Christoph Fink are rich in making associations, Emiliano Battista compared them with the shield of Achilles. Robin Vanbesien started his tour with the discs and told the beautiful story of Angelus Novus, a drawing from Paul Klee which was in possession of Walter Benjamin. 
Robin freely improvised by different works, about consumption, wealth, luxury and eccentricity. Georges Bataille thought about economics in his particular way, Robin mentioned it during his unwinding tour.
Both tours again were very interesting, the Institut De Carton could not foresee that such simple receipt as guided tours, copied from the book Locus Solus and its protagonist Martial Canterel, delivered so many different views and generated so many interpretations and stories.
Thanks a lot Jana and Robin.

Robin Vanbesien, Michel Gouéry's "Style"

woensdag 21 november 2012

Guided Tours # 6 - Saturday November 24

Guided Tours LOCUS SOLUS DOMESTICUS exhibition, Saturday November 24 2012

16h00 guided tour by Jana Euler (1982 - Friedberg (Germany), artist, lives and works in Brussels)

17h30 guided tour by Robin Vanbesien (1979 - Oostende (Belgium), artist, lives and works in Brussels)

You are welcome to be guided through this exhibition on geometric volumes in 2- and 3D.


Avenue de Jette 41 / Jetselaan 41, 1081 Koekelberg, Brussels
 (10 minutes walk from Metro Simonis)

Koenraad Dedobbeleer, space calls for action, 2008, granite

maandag 12 november 2012

Guided tours by Paul and Peter

Guided Tour by Paul van der Eerden

a Boli sculpture used by the Bamana tribe

Suchan Kinoshita, Isofollie

Last Saturday, November 10 the guides for the tours both come from the Netherlands. Paul van der Eerden, he is the vice-president of our initiative INSTITUT DE CARTON, made a beautiful comparison between the Isofollies of Suchan Kinoshita and a ritual Boli object from the Bamana tribe in Mali. 
The exhibition is going on now for 8 weeks and therefore prepared guides are making associative relations with the works in the LOCUS SOLUS DOMESTICUS exhibition. The exhibition is very rich, it is possible to discover some strong themes in it, like the circles, spheres, discs, dots and spots in several works. Or the theme of the simple geometrically volume in quite a lot of the sculptures based on the rectangle and circle
Peter Nijenhuis was the second guide, and he posed a question when he began his tour. Is Hans Esmeijer right when he argues that complexity in contemporary art is a big problem and therefore art is superfluous and is loosing its audience. Peter Nijenhuis showed us that complexity isn't a problem at all while he totally got lost in the complexity of the LOCUS SOLUS DOMESTICUS exhibition. The submarine sculpture from Michel Gouéry reminded him of the Cargo Cult in Papua New Guinea. "Cargo cult activity in the Pacific region increased significantly during and immediately after World War II, when the residents of these regions observed the Japanese and American combatants bringing in large amounts of material. When the war ended, the military bases closed and the flow of goods and materials ceased. In an attempt to attract further deliveries of goods, followers of the cults engaged in ritualistic practices such as building crude imitation landing strips, aircraft and radio equipment, and mimicking the behaviour that they had observed of the military personnel operating them." (Wikipedia). And the simple sculpture of a cube by Joëlle Tuerlinckx, illuminated by three spotlights, remembered him to the novel "Morel's Invention" of Adolfo Bioy Casares.
It is so very nice that artists with a work in the exhibition are there when the guided tour is going on. So last Saturday Theo Cowley and Koenraad Dedobbeleer told about their works, no better way to get first hand information and to talk about objects, materials, ideas, making and creating.
Thanks a lot to the guides Peter and Paul, and thanks to the artists Theo and Koenraad for their contribution.
Next Guided Tour on Saturday November 24. It isn't sure yet who is going to guide, but if we know it will be announced here on this blog.

Guided Tour by Peter Nijenhuis

Peter Nijenhuis and sculpture of Michel Gouéry

Guided Tour by Peter Nijenhuis

zondag 4 november 2012

LocSolDom - Guided Tours Saturday November 10

Guided Tours LOCUS SOLUS DOMESTICUS exhibition, Saturday November 10 2012

16h00 guided tour by Paul van der Eerden (1954, lives and works in Rotterdam (NL)), artist and co-founder of A.VE.NU.DE.JET.TE – INSTITUT DE CARTON vzw.

18h00 guided tour by Peter Nijenhuis (1957, lives and works in Arnhem (NL)), historian, with a special interest in contemporary art and the history of ideas. He works as a journalist and curator. On his blog you can read more about art, design and art education:

You are welcome to be guided through this uncommon exhibition on circles, grids & space.

 Avenue de Jette 41 / Jetselaan 41, 1081 Koekelberg, Brussels
 (10 minutes walk from Metro Simonis)

Jan Swartenbroekx marble & Raymond Barion's projector

zondag 28 oktober 2012

two GT's: Raphaël Pirenne and Moritz Küng

Yesterday, Saturday October 27 at 16:00 h Raphaël Pirenne guided a group of visitors through the Locus Solus Domesticus exhibition. He prepared a very interesting parcours, in 7 "actes / sections" with titles such as "l'espace", "technicité 1 et 2", "vision", "matérialité", "le point", "erotisme", he started on the ground floor, afterwards the group climbed the stairs to go to the top floor and after that had to descend to the basement. The guide showed the works not in a random order, that is why the group had to ascend and descend four times the stairs. Raphaël made combinations in the 7 sections, "Beau comme la rencontre fortuite d'un parapluie et d'une machine à coudre sur une table de dissection": the notion of space and place in the works of Suchan Kinoshita, Rémy Zaugg and Christoph Fink. Eroticism in the work of Michel Gouéry, Mitja Tusek and Jürgen von Dückerhoff. Or the polyhedrons from Aglaia Konrad, Joëlle Tuerlinckx and Xavier De Clippeleir. And the abundance of dots or points in the exhibition. Thanks a lot Raphaël for the very interesting tour you did in the Locus Solus Domesticus exhibition.

Saturday October 27 2012, guided tour by Raphaël Pirenne
Saturday October 27 2012, guided tour by Raphaël Pirenne

Saturday October 27 2012, guided tour by Raphaël Pirenne

Guided tour by Raphaël Pirenne, talking about a work of Joëlle Tuerlinckx

At 18:00 h Moritz Küng served as a guide, and by improvisation he spoke about six works in the Locus Solus Domesticus exhibition. Moritz started with a short story from the past, when he lived in Brussels and run an art space in his apartment: APP BXL. The intense relation with artists, their works and the conversations with the visitors of the exhibitions makes clear that art has a function as mediator. It is "the age of less", with the conversations the artwork works in the mind and memory, the work exists in a dematerialized version. 
As a poet Moritz talked about the marbles of Jan Swartenbroekx: the marbles are so very well made, painted with obsession and devotion to reach a result beyond how marble looks. And than when it is finished and exhibited, the three marbles are standing here and are waiting, autonomous representing marble. 
About the work "constitution d'un tableau" of Rémy Zaugg, Moritz told about the close and meticulously reading of the painting "la maison du pendu" of Paul Cézanne so that the pictorial representation could change in a textual representation. A comprehensive study about image and text.
Thanks Moritz for the personal and interesting guided tour!

Saturday October 27 2012, guided tour by Moritz Küng

Saturday October 27 2012, guided tour by Moritz Küng

zondag 21 oktober 2012

LocSolDom – Guided Tours 27/10

Guided Tours LOCUS SOLUS DOMESTICUS exhibition, Saturday October 27 2012

16h00 guided tour by Raphaël Pirenne, art historian and co-founder of (SIC), exhibition space and publishing house in Brussels.

18h00 guided tour by Moritz Küng, former curator at the “De Singel” (Antwerp) and now freelance curator based in Barcelona.

Come and be guided through this very special exhibition on art, processes & procedures.

Avenue de Jette 41 / Jetselaan 41, 1081 Koekelberg, Brussels
(10 minutes walk from Metro Simonis)

Michel Gouéry, Style, 2009, terre cuite émaillée

maandag 15 oktober 2012

Guided Tour by François Piron

Last Saturday, October 13 2012, François Piron guided through LOCUS SOLUS DOMESTICUS. He is a specialist in the literature of Raymond Roussel and therefore he got really deep into the possible associations of works in the exhibition and the books of Roussel. François Piron was co-curator of the Locus Solus exhibition in Madrid and Porto and we were glad he wanted to guide in our more or less associative made exhibition. François Piron's Guided Tour made us aware of the rich interpretative discourse and the hybrid character of our LOCUS SOLUS DOMESTICUS exhibition in relation with the literature of Raymond Roussel. Merci Beaucoup François Piron. 

maandag 8 oktober 2012

Saturday October 13: François Piron

Saturday October 13 2012

Guided Tours through the LOCUS SOLUS DOMESTICUS exhibition
Avenue de Jette 41 / Jetselaan 41, 1081 Koekelberg, Brussels
(10 minutes walk from Metro Simonis)

At 15:00 and 17:00 h.

Guest Guide is
François Piron (co-curator of “Locus Solus. Impressions of Raymond Roussel” exhibition in Museo Reina Sofia Madrid / Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Serralves Porto, and co-founder of castillo/corales Paris)

Be welcome to visit this very special exhibition on art & processes in a guided tour à la façon de
François Piron.

Jürgen von Dückerhoff / Xavier De Clippeleir