dinsdag 27 november 2012

guided tours by Jana Euler and Robin Vanbesien

Jana Euler turning the polyhedron from Xavier De Clippeleir

Last Saturday, November 24, Jana Euler awoke the exhibition to life, like every guide is doing over new in a surprising and personal way. She reflected on the surfaces of the works which can be so very closed, hermetically closed - and as a guide you try to open it and give it some sort of life. The tour - guide influences the audience she is guiding in looking, talking and interpreting the works, in the same time the guide is also very influenced by the tour itself. The installation and following up of the works.
Robin Vanbesien made his personal choice, and guided us by starting upstairs on the second floor and "unwinding" the exhibition by descending the stairs. The six discs of Christoph Fink are rich in making associations, Emiliano Battista compared them with the shield of Achilles. Robin Vanbesien started his tour with the discs and told the beautiful story of Angelus Novus, a drawing from Paul Klee which was in possession of Walter Benjamin. 
Robin freely improvised by different works, about consumption, wealth, luxury and eccentricity. Georges Bataille thought about economics in his particular way, Robin mentioned it during his unwinding tour.
Both tours again were very interesting, the Institut De Carton could not foresee that such simple receipt as guided tours, copied from the book Locus Solus and its protagonist Martial Canterel, delivered so many different views and generated so many interpretations and stories.
Thanks a lot Jana and Robin.

Robin Vanbesien, Michel Gouéry's "Style"

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