maandag 2 december 2019

Le Petit Cercle Bruxellois Closing Event

On the occasion of the closing of Le Petit Cercle Bruxellois in Institut de Carton vzw, on Saturday the 7th of December at 4 pm Chris Evans will present his Open Letter to Morning Star.

There are two worms that feature in an airbrush painting that is currently pinned to a wall in the Institut de Carton by a burnt wooden pole. This work by Chris Evans, titled Drippy Etiquette, takes its form as surplus to his project Morning Star Rebranded. Since first attending university, in the late 1980s, Evans has repeatedly approached Morning Star—the UK’s only Marxist daily newspaper—offering a free rebrand. He suggests their current graphic identity could be mis-associated with the styles of right-wing tabloid newspapers such as The Sun and thus undermine their own distinct ideological message. Following a relatively recent pitch, that gained momentum before ultimately being denied, Evans sent a picture of the two worms to the editors accompanied by an Open Letter. The two worms share their surprise and exasperation with us.

A.VE.NU.DE.JET.TE – Institut de Carton vzw 
Jetselaan 41, 1081 Koekelberg / Brussels 
10 min walk Metro Elisabeth / Simonis